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    How To Adjust Your Link Bands

    How To Adjust Your Link Bands

    Step by Step Guide on How to Adjust Your Link Bands Easily

    When you buy ready-made Apple watch bands, they often come in a size that you need to adjust to get the perfect fit. While some people choose to get this done by a professional, did you know that it’s quite easy to do this on your own? Just follow the steps below.

    Prepare Your Tools

    You will need a spring bar tool, which is like a screwdriver, that will help in removing or adding link bands. This tool is small and has two ends: a forked end and a push pin end. You will also need a hobby hammer and a push pin tool.

    Set Your Space

    Next, set up all of your tools in your workspace in a way that everything you need is within your reach. You will also need to work on a flat surface like a tabletop for a smooth finish. Put a cloth or a towel on your table before to prevent your bands and your tools from sliding and moving around.

    Move With Care

    Remember that you have to be careful and be very meticulous. Exercising care and caution will prevent you from scratching or even breaking your link bands.

    Step 1

    Begin by looking at the back of the band for arrows that tell you the way you should be pushing out the pins. Make sure that you take note of the arrows before you push the tool in, so you don’t accidentally scratch the band. Avoid the side where the pins are flush; instead, pick the one where there is a slight indentation. Keep this in mind when you are dealing with wood bands since there won’t be an arrow that will tell you where to push.

    Step 2

    Open the tabs carefully by holding down the links with two fingers, then gently push your spring bar tool where you want to remove your link bands. You will need to flip your link bands to push the spring bar on the other side as well. This should loosen the link band easily.

    Step 3

    Next, remove the U shaped pins. These pins hold the bands together. Use a small tweezer to remove the pins. Repeat the mentioned steps above if you wish to remove more than one link band. Once the tweaks have been made, relink everything together using the U shaped pins.

    Step 4

    Double check if your adjustments make your watch fit perfectly on your wrist. Remember not to overbend the pins because they can become weaker the more that you do this.

    This step-by-step guide on how to adjust your link bands is a great way for you to do this at home. Still, while the DIY method can be enjoyable for some people, it can certainly eat up a lot of time that can be better used running errands or relaxing with family.

    If needed, save time by getting professionals to do the adjustments for you. Bring them to your local watch store or ask 800X for recommendations.

    How To Adjust Your Link Bands


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